[Man Cave] Essential PS3 Games

God of War III

god of war 3 box art [Man Cave] Essential PS3 Games

We just can’t get enough God of War. The gameplay is essentially the same as the past two titles and we couldn’t be happier about it. When you’ve got a winning formula there’s nothing to fix – but don’t be mistaken, there are new elements and new weapons to look forward to.

The game feels just as epic as its predecessors – there’s nothing quite like storming Mt. Olympus on a quest for revenge against the Greek Gods with the mighty Titans at your back. This game starts big. And it ends big. If you like things epic, you’ll enjoy the God of War series. It’s about as epic as it gets.

If you haven’t played God of War 1 and 2 do yourself a favor and pick them up too.

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