Funny Workout Fails And Exercise Bloopers

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lead1 Funny Workout Fails And Exercise Bloopers

The Man Cave is your home away from home… inside your home.

Some men choose to turn their brick-and-mortar grotto into personal gyms. Hell, you would too if you pulled this at the YMCA. However, while installing that Boflex was a good idea at the time, that camera and YouTube account were not.

Here are our favorite fails in the world of exercise equipment.

Let’s Get Physical Fail

Yes while you are technically being physical, we don’t think [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Olivia Newton-John[/lastfm] quite meant to do it that way…

Girl In Heels Fail

We’re not sure which constitutes a better fail – the chick falling off of the treadmill in high heels or the acting that accompanies it…

Knock Yourself Out Fail

No, no, no! Mamma said knock YOU out… oh that darn Powerline PHG1000X always trying to best us at our own game!

Bench Press Fail

Maybe he was pressed for time? Looks like this was no pressing matter. The cameraman doesn’t seem impressed.

High School Fail

Hey, how did one of Dr. Cranfill’s home videos make it here?

(Notice: This is not really Dr. Cranfill. It’s Tami Heide)

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