Hipsters Rejoice: PBR is Moving to Los Angeles

drinkadaypbr story1 Hipsters Rejoice: PBR is Moving to Los Angeles
Thaaaaaaat’s right you skinny jeans wearing, horn-rimmed glasses sporting, champion of MEH you, Pabst Blue Ribbon is moving their corporate headquarters to Los Angeles.

According to the LA Times blog article I am stealing all of this from, the Pabst Brewing Co. will move their corporate operations to Southern California this coming summer. The LA Times notes that any tax incentives for PBR moving here from the city were not available at press time.

No additional brewery jobs are expected to be created from the PBR move because MillerCoors bottles PBR and there is already a giant brewery in Irwindale that employs around 600 employees already.

Dare to dream though right?

Other Pabst Brewing Co. brands include, Colt 45, Old Style, Lone Star and Schlitz.

Wait, THE Colt 45?

THIS, Colt 45?


Read more about the PBR move to Los Angeles HERE, at the LA Times article I stole all of this from….


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