Ladies! Why Won’t You Enter Our Man Cave?

man cave lead Ladies! Why Wont You Enter Our Man Cave?

Ladies, of course you can enter to win the Man Cave! Just because our machismo clouds our testosterone-fueled-eyeballs doesn’t mean our prizes are strictly masculine. After all, if you win that kegerator, you could definitely fill it with… umm… Franzia?

Crap. What do ladies like? Help us out, would ya? Tell us what you would do if you won these Man Cave items.

kegerator lead1 Ladies! Why Wont You Enter Our Man Cave?

Haier Stainless Steel BrewMaster Kegerator

Our kegerator is great for birthday parties and poker night… or a Sex and the City marathon! If you were to win the kegerator of your dreams, what kind of booze would you stock it with?

  • Christine

    If i win this, I will be wife and mother of the year!!!

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