Quest For The Forgotten Beer… Part One

Once upon a time, man dreamt of drinking the perfect beer.

At Jack, we used to have this dream every night… but last night, against all odds, we found it. The perfect beer. It was beautiful, delicious, satisfying, frothy, and refreshing. We were so excited, we bought more to celebrate our victory. Then we bought more to celebrate our drunkenness. Then we bought more to celebrate the beer coasters, the free peanuts, and maybe even the track lighting.

We had a couple too many.

Needless to say, when we woke up we couldn’t remember a damn thing about that flawless brew.

So now we seek to rediscover what we drank that fateful, grateful night. We’ll continue to try beer after beer after beer until we can find that “forgotten beer” once again. We’ll rate whatever we drink in the meantime… however, we can’t guarantee that we’ll remember posting any of this…

Bear Republic – Racer 5 IPA

imag0032 Quest For The Forgotten Beer... Part One

Brewery – Bear Republic Brewing Co.

Style – India Pale Ale

ABV – 7.0%

Verdict – We’d heard a lot of buzz from our IPA loving friends about Bear Republic’s Racer 5, so we were eager to get our hands on this. Pouring it into a glass we saw a nice even head that settled quickly. It has a fruity, citrusy aroma with some sweetness. We expected a much more bitter flavor, but were pleasantly surprised to find that Bear Republic had opted to use milder hops and had balanced the flavor well with a smooth lemony aftertaste.

Our rating:

racer5blur Quest For The Forgotten Beer... Part One

It’s great, but is it our beer? Unfortunately, no.


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