[How To] The Best Ways To Fill All 64 Gig On Your New iPod

Apps! Apps! Apps!

The iTunes Store has thousands of different apps for your perusal. Everything from Rats on skateboards, media players, text messengers, rope cutting games… the list goes on. Whatever your fancy may be, somebody out there created an app for that.

App file sizes are slightly larger than music files.

If you downloaded the Top 10 Apps in the United States

Top Apps US = 396 MB ~ 0.4 GB

Not bad… let’s add the Top Apps from 21 other countries

itunes apps [How To] The Best Ways To Fill All 64 Gig On Your New iPod

22 Countries x Top 10 = 220 Apps

220 Apps = 8.8 GB

22 GB – 8.8 GB = 13.2 GB left to fill

Looks like we have enough apps… What else can the iPod hold?

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