Top 10 Pro-Wrestlers Still Alive and Dropkicking

 top10colalge1 Top 10 Pro Wrestlers Still Alive and Dropkicking
In light of recent events…(and by recent events I mean Randy Macho Man Savages’ courageous elbow that saved us ALL from the certain rapture this past weekend), I thought it appropriate to make a top 10 pro-wrestlers still alive list. You know. For paginated hits and junk.

10)the Ultimate Warrior
I am about 94% sure this dude was on crystal meth before crystal meth was ever even invented. The word Bellevue comes to mind. The face paint? The frosted mullet? AND the most electric entrance in the history of pro-wrestling? You know the Ultimate Warrior had to be on this list.

  • Rabbit

    RE: Shawn Michaels – Yeah, he came in on zip line in Anaheim. But wasn’t that also the one where the zip line failed and he fell to the floor of the room?

    • Brendan

      That was Owen Hart. I don’t think it was a zip line, I think they were just going to lower him and the problem was the harness. It didn’t fail, it was latched incorrectly. At least that’s what I heard.

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