Top 10 Pro-Wrestlers Still Alive and Dropkicking

8) Jake the Snake Roberts
While the Ultimate Warrior had a better mullet and some 24 inch pythons of his own, Jake the Snake Roberts had actual pythons. And cobras. In what I consider the craziest moment ever in pro-wrestling history, Jake the Snake Roberts used a REAL cobra on Randy Macho Man Savage. AND it bit him. No sh!t. That actually happened. Look. (Start at the 3:09 mark)

  • Rabbit

    RE: Shawn Michaels – Yeah, he came in on zip line in Anaheim. But wasn’t that also the one where the zip line failed and he fell to the floor of the room?

    • Brendan

      That was Owen Hart. I don’t think it was a zip line, I think they were just going to lower him and the problem was the harness. It didn’t fail, it was latched incorrectly. At least that’s what I heard.

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