Hangover Happy Hour: The Worst Drinks To Sneak Into The Theatre

4. A Yard of Beer

Beer in and of itself is a fine drink to sneak into a movie. It’s really the yard of it that’s the hard part. You will almost certainly be stopped by an usher, even if you try to sneak the yard in by concealing it in your extra baggy pants. You’ll also block the view of those behind you when you tip the yard up to get the last bit of beer. Also, after consuming that much beer, you are going to have to pee the entire second half of the movie. To eliminate most of these problems, just try to sneak in a half yard instead.

  • Dolores Barcinas

    my Choice and a convenient one is some TeQuiLa silver!!. Pout some into a empty water bottle.. take some straight shots at the theater.. u can bring some lemon or lime to bite or suck on!.. or Chase with a beverage ..or real water.. haha!!

  • 1-800-Sir-Mix-Alot

    Another bad choice would be; “The Flaming Homer”.

  • Travis

    I can’t argue with any of your choices, but personally I think you couldn’t do anything but applaud someone briefly interrupting the movie to light their drinks on fire, or briefly clank glasses (so long as they did indeed use the sword to open their champagne).
    I am not bold enough to do any of these things. I just bring in a giant ice block to do Jaeger shots. We sit in the back.

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