Hangover Happy Hour: The Worst Drinks To Sneak Into The Theatre

2. Flaming Dr. Pepper

Somewhat similar to the Sake Bomb in the sense that you are dropping a shot into a beer, this drink has the added disadvantage that the shot is on FIRE. True, this does make the drink a lot more awesome, but isn’t so great in a movie theater. The light from the fire will distract from what’s going on the screen, and there is a chance that you could burn the theater down. Lots of bars have stopped serving the drink because of exactly this problem. And a typical movie theater has more things that could catch on fire than a typical bar.

  • Dolores Barcinas

    my Choice and a convenient one is some TeQuiLa silver!!. Pout some into a empty water bottle.. take some straight shots at the theater.. u can bring some lemon or lime to bite or suck on!.. or Chase with a beverage ..or real water.. haha!!

  • 1-800-Sir-Mix-Alot

    Another bad choice would be; “The Flaming Homer”.

  • Travis

    I can’t argue with any of your choices, but personally I think you couldn’t do anything but applaud someone briefly interrupting the movie to light their drinks on fire, or briefly clank glasses (so long as they did indeed use the sword to open their champagne).
    I am not bold enough to do any of these things. I just bring in a giant ice block to do Jaeger shots. We sit in the back.

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