Add Your Picture to the JACK FM 1980’s Yearbook!!!


jackfmyearbook13 Add Your Picture to the JACK FM 1980s Yearbook!!!

Photo Credit: Sasha Huff the awesome

Weren’t we all just GLORIOUS in the 80’s? Wanna be a part of our 80’s Weekend? Check out some pictures of JACK FM Employee’s AND JACK FM Listeners from the 1980’s – don’t forget to submit your own.

Keep checking back all weekend long to see your fellow badasses. We’re rockin’ it old school all weekend long.

Click here to email your photo!


[photogallerylink id=39767 align=left]


jackfmyearbook21 Add Your Picture to the JACK FM 1980s Yearbook!!!

Photo Credit/ Sasha the Awesome Huff

Pretty simple. Just submit a picture of your fine self from the 1980’s and we’ll load it into the JACK FM 80’s Yearbook.

Once you submit your picture to the JACK FM 80’s Yearbook, it becomes property of JACK FM. Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head though, we promise not to use it for anything other than this 80’s Yearbook thing. We are just required to let you know that all your base belong to us now.

  • evie

    I was NEVER cool nuff 2b on da cover of anything =(

  • Sasha

    oh heeelllllllll na. How are you going to give P Higginbotham photo credit for this?!??! I made it! Booooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Manser

      this Sasha chick sounds ghetto.

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