Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

imag0040 Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

One-eyed Jack = Thumb Master – If you draw this card you are the thumb master! Whenever you put a thumb on the table, everyone else has to put their thumb on the table and the last person to do so takes a drink! This card stays with you and you are the thumb master until you are overthrown (by someone drawing the other one-eyed jack). It can be fun to be discreet with your thumb, but if people aren’t paying attention feel free to try to draw attention to your thumb.

imag0041 Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

Two-Eyed Jack = ‘Never Have I Ever’ – Some of you may be familiar with this game. You say something you’ve never done, for example, eaten swordfish, then everybody who has eaten swordfish takes a drink. Then the person to your right says something they’ve never done, and you continue until everyone in the circle has done one. Be warned, this one can be a bit embarrassing

Strategy – Feel free to say something you have done, but be warned that you’ll have to take a drink too.

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