Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

imag0044 Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

Ace = New Rule – This card is dangerous. When you draw it you have the power to add a new rule to the game. You can do anything within reason. You can make it against the rules to call anybody by their name, and then anyone who says someone’s name has to take a drink. You could make a partner rule that requires somebody to drink every time you have to drink. You could even make a rule requiring everyone to talk with funny accents.

If someone draws an Ace after you they have a choice of abolishing the old rule and adding a new one, or they can keep the old rule around and just add another. It’s up to them.

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That about does it for the rules of Circle of Death.

Happy Memorial Day drinking! Please remember to drink responsibly and don’t drive if you’re drunk. Get your lame, sober neighbor to drive you around.


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