Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

imag0046 Memorial Day Drinking Games: Circle Of Death

Set up

To decide who goes first deal out one card to each person. The person with the highest card will be first.

Fan cards face down into a circle, making sure there are no breaks between cards.

Optional: In the center of the circle put a full can of beer. The first person to break the circle has to chug the entire thing. We’ve made this rule optional since this game involves a lot of drinking already – we suggest only REAL MEN play with the beer in the center.

Even more optional: Instead of a beer put a cup and everyone pours a bit of their drink into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking a gin and tonic or a beer, pour it in. Yes, it will be disgusting, but it’ll be funny when someone breaks the circle (unless its you).

To start: Draw a card. Now lets see what all the cards mean.

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