Bill Cosby’s 5 Finest Sweaters

cosby sweaters lead Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters


There are very few things more impressive than a well dressed man.

We dream of the day when Dr. Cleo Huxtable’s awesome sweaters become fashionable again. Until that day comes, all we can do is watch our old Cosby Show DVD’s and argue over our favorite sweaters…

season 6 ep 2 surfs up Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

Ah yes, the Camo-sweater, the ultimate in military comfort wear. For when you need to stay out of sight AND warm.

trans Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweatersseason 3 ep 4 man talk Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

Bill Cosby auctioned off some of his Cosby Show sweaters for charity a few years back. We imagine that if he’d sold this one, he’d have made a cool mil.

season 7 ep 9 you can go home again Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

Imagine this same sweater on a hippie and you’ll realize exactly how much Bill Cosby classes this outfit up.

season 3 ep 11 war stories Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

We don’t really know what’s going on with this sweater, all we know is it reminds us of Space Invaders somehow…

theo 2 Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

Theo had a few classic sweaters throughout the series too. Sure he looks dapper, but we clearly know it’s a hand-me-down.

season 4 ep 4 cliffs mistake Bill Cosbys 5 Finest Sweaters

Are there any TV Dad’s who can pull of his wardrobe and still command the same respect? We don’t think so.

Dr. Cleo Huxtable, we salute you.


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