FREE DONUTS On National Donut Day!

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Yeah, like we didn’t have it marked on our calendar for MONTHS.

At least Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are getting in on the fun. We’re talking free donuts people.

dough·nut (noun)

  1. a small usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat
  2. An invention of man rivaled only by the wheel

We’ve been lobbying the dictionary people at Merriam-Webster to include that second one but they won’t budge. Not even on this day of all days, in which we set aside to forget our differences and simply enjoy one of man’s most delicious inventions: the donut.

We actually have the good people at the Salvation Army to thank for National Donut Day. Back in 1938 it was created to help the needy during the Great Depression as well as to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.

We always wondered why the US Infantry was referred to as doughboys, seemed like kind of soft name for a tough bunch, now we know why.

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[Source: Wikipedia]

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