Hottest Babes in Outer Space: Hall of Fame

fifth element 2 Hottest Babes in Outer Space: Hall of Fame
Yeah. I am probably the only person you know that finds the opera singer from the Fifth Element arousing but hey, different strokes. In honor of JACK FM’s Summer School promotion and week 1 being Astronomy 101 with a trip to NASA Space Camp, I thought we should highlight the hottest women in outer space tv and film history…

Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux
charlize theron aeonflux 600x400 Hottest Babes in Outer Space: Hall of Fame

Sure this movie put Linda Loveless’ entire career to shame but you cannot deny that Charlize doing splits in full body….whatever material that is, doesn’t do something for you. If it doesn’t, either check your pulse or your pants.

  • evie

    made me happy..

  • Sai

    What, no Alien Queen? I am disappoint. #StrangePubescentFantasies

  • Tim

    Princess Aura in Flash Gordon. She’s a hottie. :)

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  • Indy

    What about:

    That chick from Space Truckers?…. lol I think nobody has heard of that one… (I believe she was older and in The spawn of chuckie. But a black haired rockhardbodied late teens or early 20’s aged chick in Space Truckers.)

    And there’s Claudia Black in SG-1, Pitch Black, and my personal favorite ‘Farscape’. But the character she plays has a lot to do with it to.

    The actress that plays the alien Chiana in Farscape…

    The red head brothel owner in one of the Firefly episodes…

    The Green alien chick in the new Star Trek movie…

    Liv Tyler, Armageddon……. (I don’t know if she counts, but space was involved in that movie…)

    And I’m sorry, but Jane fonda was trash before, during, and well after that movie. Bad acting, so so body, sterotypical beach bimbo, and screwed her way onto the set…. then porked out while betraying the US in Vietnam and after. While she’s burning flags, we should be burning her movies.

    Sorry. About the rant, but she sucked in that wannabee space porn anyway. And not in a good way. Its not her political aspect, I thought she was bad and then after the movie somebody told me who she was… there were a lot of women in a lot of other movies and shows that beat out this hag. Even at the time this movie was made.

  • Indy

    Aeon flux is not a space movie. Yes she’s hot, but if we are going into other genre’s then what about Carrie Ann Moss as a 50’s housewife with a gun in the zombie comedie movie ‘Fido’?…

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