Jack’s Summer School Syllabus

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walking to class Jacks Summer School Syllabus

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Hey, watch that course load, buddy.

Who needs to study when there are prizes involved? Enroll in Jack’s Summer School today, where A’s and B’s are secondary to vacation giveaways, concert tickets, festivals, and much more.

We always hated testing. At Jack FM’s Summer School, we’ll be offering courses with spectacular prizes in lieu of final papers. But we’re not going to tell you what you can win… when was school ever that easy? Grab your SparkNotes and your trusty REO Speedwagon 3-ring binder – class is in session.

Week 1 :  (Passed)                        Rocket Science

Week 2 : (Passed)                         Irish Folklore

Week 3 :  (Passed)                        Water Aerobics

Week 4 : (Passed)                          AP Pyrotechnics

Week 5 :  (Passed)                   Physical Education

Week 6 : (Enrolled)                 Music Appreciation

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