Out This Christmas, Ben & Jerry’s SNL Inspired ‘Schweddy Balls’ Ice Cream

alec baldwin 2 Out This Christmas, Ben & Jerrys SNL Inspired Schweddy Balls Ice Cream

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The famous SNL skit that spawned a cult following is back…


“Delicious Dish” was always one of our favorite sketches. Everything from the dead-on NPR production to the dead-pan “Schweddy Balls” exclamation are top-notch. Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Alec Baldwin are a power trio in their own sense.

Now, it seems that the infamous skit will be going down in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream history – who’s up for a serving of Schweddy Balls this Christmas?

In a recent interview with NY1, Gasteyer may have let slip the suprise:

“[The sketch] has this crazy, massive popularity that’s kind of had a half-life since I left the show. Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with a Schweddy Balls ice cream for Christmas this year.”

Ben & Jerry’s representatives wouldn’t confirm or deny the news.

Maybe if we wish really, really hard, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick will bring us a heaping helping of our beloved Schweddy Balls.

[Source: AOLTV]

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