Artest No More: Meet Metta World Peace

Looks like Ron Artest is reinventing himself. In fact, he has gone so far to change his legal name to something entirely different.


Why, Ron, why?

Apparently he wanted the back of his jersey to contain a profound message – “PEACE.” Oh, right. Because Artest gets misinterpreted all of the time. And after his infamous brawl from 2004, he might be taking this chance to clear his name? Zing!

Ron, come on. We understand why an athlete would want to change his name – hell, would Cassius Clay have gone on to be “the greatest” if he hadn’t first donned Mohamed Ali? – but World Peace? That not a name – that’s a coalition.

It’s too late to try and dissuade his mind, though. Ron has already filed a petition in the L.A. County Superior Court to change his name. Now we just sit back and wait for next season to start.

[photogallerylink id=41919 align=left]

Gotta admit, Metta World Peace is a unique name. We’ll grant him that. After all, have you ever met a Metta?

However, there are a plethora of other profound names he could have gone with. For instance:

  • Hakuna Matata Soupkitchen
  • Safe T. Buckleup
  • Thank You Pleasecomeagain
  • Donchu Wanna Savethewhales
  • Good Advice Dontgamble

Got any ideas of your own? Add ’em in the comments below.

[Source: TMZ]


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