Caption This: PYROMANIAC Edition

What say you to another edition of Jack’s INFAMOUS Caption This contest?

Rules are simple: we give you a picture, you provide the most hilarious-est caption for said picture and we mail a free JACK FM T-shirt to your house. Capisce? Now get to it.

This week’s photo is:

caption pyro 2 Caption This: PYROMANIAC Edition

Stephen Morton / Getty Images

Lou – “Official torch bearer of the Redneck Olympics.”

Runners Up:

Zach – “Marshmallows, hot dogs, crystal meth . . . this here’s an all purpose roaster. ”

Josh – ” Dammit Tom, you know nobody likes warm beer.”

In honor of Jack’s Fourth of July and AP Pyrotechnics

Have at it! Leave your caption in the comment section below. Funniest one wins the JACK FM T-shirt. This round of CAPTION THIS is open today (6-27) thru Friday (7-04) at 11:59pm. We will announce the winner the following week and mail out the prize….Have at it JACK-sters……

This contest has ended… winner and new contest announced next week.


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