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Teddy Roosevelt as a Cowboy

After the deaths of his wife and mother on the same day, a young Teddy Roosevelt moves to North Dakota to be a cowboy.

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Three young outlaws made one mistake – they stole a riverboat without checking who it belonged to first. It was the property of one Theodore Roosevelt, and he wasn’t going to give it up so easily.

The future president chased the men across the Dakotas for two weeks before catching up with them. Details of the encounter are fuzzy, but one thing is known for certain:

Teddy Roosevelt beat the tar out of those outlaws.

Rather than play vigilante and hang them on the spot, Teddy Roosevelt decided yield to the rule of law and chose to bring them in for a trial. He himself stayed awake to guard the prisoners for the 40 hour journey. To pass the time and keep himself awake he read Tolstoy.

And that’s just one of the many ways you too could become Jack’s Patriot of the Week. Better get to work, son.

Bonus Adventure:

One time while hunting horse thieves, Teddy Roosevelt met Seth Bullock, the most famous sheriff of Deadwood, South Dakota. The two became friends for life. Also they caught the horse thieves.

If you want to know more about this historical badass check out your local library! Hahahaha we’re just kidding. That place is weird. 

[Source(s): Wikipedia]

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