NASA Abandons Space Travel!

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Atlantis Astronauts Prepare For Launch

It’s the end of an era.

Not really, but they are sending up their last manned space shuttle, the Atlantis, this coming July 8th.

After 30 years, NASA is shutting down the storied Shuttle Program. This is the same program that saw the first man walk on the moon, and captured the imaginations of Americans all across the country. It’s gone. Done. Kaput.

Worry not, however, as NASA has a long-term plan. They intend to reinvest the $4 billion dollar Shuttle Program budget into newer programs with the goal of sending manned shuttles to asteroids and other deep space targets. We’ll admit, its kinda sad to see the Shuttle Program shut down, but at least it’s for bigger and better things, right?

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[Source(s): MSNBC]

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