Caption This: Music Appreciation Edition

What say you to another rabble-rousing edition of Jack’s INFAMOUS Caption This contest?

Rules are simple: we give you a caption-less picture of a young man making his way to Woodstock. You provide the most best caption for our traveling minstrel. If we pick your caption as the winner, we’ll toss a JACK FM T-shirt in our freshly painted VW bus and drive it by your house on the way to the show, dude.

Music Appreciation summer school

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Leave your caption in the comment section below. Funniest one wins the JACK FM T-shirt. This round of CAPTION THIS is open today (7-11) thru Friday (7-15) at 11:59pm. We will announce the winner the following week and mail out the prize….Have at it JACK-sters……

Contest is over… Winner announced soon!

  • Jack’s Summer School – Music Appreciation

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  • david

    Culver City or BUST !

  • joe

    Dude, I’m jammin’ with the Dead. Help a brother out!

  • Bane

    Show the Right Stuff and help the oldest Wahlberg Brother out in trying to get to the NKOTB Reunion Tour!

  • CW

    It’s me Jerry…ass, gas or grass? All of the above for a ride!

  • are-low

    Get-ting out of Los Angel-ees
    Takein’ out a couple of keys
    Carmageddon in da rearview, if you please
    Mister CHiPs Man

  • joe

    anyone seen Dorothy, tin man and the lion??

  • Martina Espinoza

    Where’s Cheech???

  • Marvin Payne

    What the Heck??? We thought Uncle Joe was MIA in ‘nam. You mean he’s been on the turnpike since 1969??

  • david

    Hey.. if this dont work .. plan B is legs !

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