Lip Sync Rebels feat: Nirvana, Iron Maiden And More…

Sometimes when bands play live, they have the audacity to demand to be allowed to play their own instruments and sing their own songs.

Not all stages are willing to give in to these [sarcasm] outrageous [/sarcasm] requests.

Here’s how some of our favorite artists reacted to being forced to lip sync their own tunes.


Top of the Pops refused to let [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nirvana[/lastfm] play their own instruments and the result is outrageous. Cobain was allowed to do the vocals, but his tone is mocking throughout. Hilarious performance.

David Grohl on the drums is just ridiculous as well.

On the next page, Iron Maiden rebels against lip syncing and the first ever recorded rebellion by the Box Tops in 1967.

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