Lip Sync Rebels feat: Nirvana, Iron Maiden And More…

2225160 Lip Sync Rebels feat: Nirvana, Iron Maiden And More...

Lip Sync Rebels are musicians who are pushed to the edge onstage when told they can’t play their own instruments or sing their own songs. Here we honor those musicians who heard those words and said, “Screw you, we’re gonna have some fun!”

Iron Maiden’s Joke

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Iron Maiden[/lastfm] decided to have a little fun when they appeared on German television show P.I.T. back in 1986. When told they’d be playing unplugged instruments and mics, the band came up with this performance.

The Box Tops – The Letter (1967)

These guys may have been the first Lip Sync Rebels in history. From back in 1967, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Box Tops[/lastfm] have a bit of fun (especially the keyboard player) performing on national television.

Seeing all these Lip Sync Rebels reminded us of a certain SNL skit…click on to see what it is.

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