Greatest X-Games Crash of All Time

nicklaham Greatest X Games Crash of All Time
Getty Images/ Nick Laham
That is pro-skateboarder Jake Brown and at the 2007 Summer X-Games he had what most would agree, was the most spectacular crash/wipeout in the history of the X-Games. Since X-Games 17 started today at the Staples Center, we thought we would look back at the single most scary crash in the history of extreme sport….

Not for the faint of heart……

Holy Jeebus!!!!! Don’t worry though, he lived. Those X-Games guys and gals are just made out of a different material than the rest of us.

Summer X-Games 17 is on for this weekend (July 28th-31st) at the Staples Center in Downtown LA. For tickets, schedule of events, and TV schedule check out the X-Games page at ESPN….HERE


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