6 People We’d Like To See In The Audience Of Jack’s 6th Show

Jack’s Sixth Show is coming up, and you know the people who are going to be on stage.  But what about the people in the audience?  Here’s 6 people I would like to see in the audience for Jack’s Sixth Show.

803558 6 People Wed Like To See In The Audience Of Jacks 6th Show

6. Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland was the only President in US history to serve two non-consecutive terms as president.  He was also the President featured on the $1000 bill, back when those were in circulation.  And he died on June 24th, 1908.  So, if he were to attend Jack’s Sixth Show, he would be a zombie.  And a history making zombie president that happens to be on the $1000 bill sounds pretty awesome to me.

  • carlos

    my jack ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


    now Jack you know the answer is ME..You want to see Margo in the audience which I will be because i won tickets.. woooo hoooo…Look for me Jack..Ill be waiting..If you find me i will flash you……..

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