Top Stripper Songs on Jack FM

3. “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” by Joan Jett

Why yes, saucy mistress grinding on a pole in nothing but a shoe lace— WE DO want to touch you.

2. “I Need You Tonight” by INXS

This song is a perfect choice for the strip club: Lonely men, lots of sliding, and plenty of raw moves.

1. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard

Don’t really pour sugar on me; it’s grainy and uncomfortable. It also makes it difficult to dance in 6 inch heels when there is sugar on the stage. Bastards.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Top Ten Stripper Songs. We know we did. And don’t forget to unleash the inner stripper in you; suppressing it for too long may lead to spontaneous combustion.


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