Hong Kong Phooey Cartoon Is Hollywood’s Next Saturday Morning Movie

Face it, Hollywood, you’ve run out of original ideas. Everything you spit into our movie theaters is a remake, a rehash, or even a re-do.

Not that remaking movies is necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes that fun, original summer blockbuster is anything but fun or original. We can’t help as movie-goers to appreciate what we like. Our psychology drives us to like what we know. It’s familiar. It’s comforting. “It’s just like Mama used to make.”

So ladies and gentlemen… are you willing to give the classic cartoon Hong Kong Phooey a chance on the silver screen?

And more importantly, what is the best Saturday morning cartoon of all time?


At its core, Hong Kong Phooey is about a dog that is granted the magical ability to talk like a human, work like a janitor and kick ass like Bruce Lee. Why? Because s#!t like that made sense in the 70’s. Talking animals were all the rage: Scooby-Doo, Jabberjaw, Goober & The Ghost Chasersthe list goes on.

The movie is already off to a good start – Eddie Murphy is cast as an animated dog living in a live action world, which is pretty cool, we guess… wonder what he’ll look like with a Kung Fu flea collar.

So what do you think? Will Hollywood strike the comedy gold-mine with Hong Kong Phooey? Or will it be another animated flop the likes of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas?

It all started off looking GOOD


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