6 Beers We Would Like To See At Jack’s Sixth Show

Jack’s Sixth Show is coming September 10th.  And oh yes, there will be blood..  wait, I mean beer.  There will be beer.   But what kind?  Here are the six beers I hope to see at Jack’s Sixth Show.

6. Colt 45

Make no mistake about it, Colt 45 is utterly awful.  It kinda tastes like battery acid flavored with rancid grape Kool Aid, if Kool Aid can go rancid.  So why does it get this spot?  Simple- Billy Dee Williams.

Is Billy Dee Williams most famous for his role as Lando Calrissian?  No.  It’s for being the spokesman for Colt 45.  So that’s why Colt makes the list.

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