Mark And Donnie Wahlberg’s Ideal “Wahlburgers” Menu

“Say hello to your mustard for me…”

Mark Wahlberg and his brothers Donnie and Paul have finally done it – they’re opening a hamburger joint in Boston and naming it Wahlburgers.

And we all know that word-play in the restaurant business equates to a quality, delicious menu.

So what do you think the menu’s gonna look like? We dug through Marky Mark’s videography to see what lies dormant, waiting to  be used for the Wahlberg brothers’ inspiration.

[Source: Cinema Blend]

Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations”

Sans tomatoes, pickles and the usual fix-ins, this 2/3 pound beef patty is served on top of a vibrating motor. Just try to keep the ketchup, mustard, mayo, special sauce and A1 from drippin’ on your pants! Served with fries.

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