Meet Jack FM’s Dr. Cranfill

So just who in the hell exactly is this Dr. Cranfill person I randomly hear on Jack FM from time to time? Well, it’s high time you were properly introduced…..

Cranfill started in the Jack FM promotions department the very week Arrow changed over to Jack FM. So he’s been here pretty much since Day 1. After a few months in promo, he assumed the job of Jack FM News Editor and Staff Writer. Meaning, some of the one-liners you hear on JACK FM were written by Cranfill. Like this one…

Cranfill also co-ordinates Jack-tivities for Ms. Tami Heide. So if you want Tami to mention your yardsale, bake-off, fight club, etc etc… Cranfill is the guy you need to hit up.

submit your jack1 Meet Jack FMs Dr. Cranfill

Feel free to contact the good Dr. with any questions, complaints, beefs, propositions at

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