Domino’s Want To Be First Pizza Parlor On The Moon

In a bizarre publicity stunt, the President of Domino’s Pizza Japan reminds us that dreams really do come true… IN SPACE.

Yes. Domino’s wants to be the first pizza joint on the Moon.

Sure, why not. Pepperoni tastes just as good in zero-g, right?

Check out the Domino’s Moon Station for yourself. It’s really gonna happen! A message from the president himself standing in front of a green-screen on the moon makes it all that much more real. Not the mention the multitude of projections, predictions and art renderings of the what Pizza Station 5000 will look like.

You’re move NASA…

We realized that Domino’s isn’t the first to think up space pizza. Remember the short-lived sci-fi TV show from 1994 called Space Precinct? Sure you do!

Sublight Space Pizza Delivery

[Source: Delish]


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