Set Times for Jack’s Sixth Show

Are you ready for September 10th?

Check out the set times for Jack’s Sixth Show artists!

September 10th, 2011

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Jack’s Sixth Show Set Times


Side Stage

3:00pm – Metal Shop

3:45pm – M80’s

4:30pm – Marcy Playground

5:15pm – Dramarama

6:00pm – Sir Mix-A-Lot

6:30pm – Everclear


Main Stage

7:50pm – Heart

9:30pm – Def Leppard

Seems like Jack’s Fifth Show was only yesterday…

  • Yea right

    Why are there only TWO bands on the main stage WTF. I paid for good seats that are only good for two bands again WTF.

  • Pissed

    What MORON decided to put most of the bands on the side stage. You suck jack!!!

  • Sad if true

    I agree this is my 4th show and probably last if there’s only going to be 2 bands on the big stage! WTF indeed!! Unless this set list is a typo Jack you’ve jump the shark :(

  • THOP

    Pleeeeeeease people, Def Leppard and Heart are on tour this summer and when you go see their show, you pay to see ONLY them. They ARE the concert. All of the others are a bonus. Be happy you get 3 full hours of the 2 main bands. That’s really good, considering that’s AFTER you get to see 6 other bands. If you ask me, the Jack Show is a great deal = pretty cheap seats for an 8 hour concert.

    • Shut the F up

      THOP Shut the F up. You don’t know what you are talking about. We paid to see all of the bands and to not stand (only) in a crowd of a bunch of idiots like you.

    • MCT

      This was not advertised as only Heart and Def Leppard’s concert. I bought seats…SEATS…for all the bands listed. Where do I sign up for the formal “complaint”?

  • Dana the PAYNE

    It has to be a typo friends. Jack wouldn’t hire enough security to protect Everclear and Dramarama from me. They couldn’t. That side stage is so unprotected its ridiculous. Not to mention that the REAL LIVE NON TRIBUTE BILLBOARD ARTISTS would have to walk across the frigging LAWN area with vendors amongst us commoners to get to the side stage. Its a typo for sure. >:) or i’ll have half a dozen restraining orders by the days end.

    • Evelyn Evie Dolores Anderson

      I love you Dana

    • MCT

      Great idea. Upset fans TAKE NOTE.

  • Rom

    is there a time they stop letting people in? I might be late (around 6-6:30) will there still be someone at the entrance to let me in? 

  • Tom

    what time are the gates opening for the show tomorrow?
    Oh, yeah, are we going to be allowed to pay to park this year? :P
    Are bras optional? :)

  • Want to know

    What can you can or cannot bring to the show tomorrow? It’s Friday and nothing’s listed yet? If anyone sees this and is aware of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of tomorrow’s show, please let me know. Thanks!

  • The Hickster

    I was at the show last year & all the bands were on the main stage… That little side show stage can be for the little add on bands! Main stage needs to be:


    • HangerQueen

      Dont worry, if you bought a seat, there was no disclamers that the line up would not be seen from your seat. They are legally liable to provide what was advertised or risk class action lawsuits for refunds.

  • Rockin'Robert

    All the advertised bands are on the Main Stage…only Metal Shop and M80 are on the Side Stage…truss me…
    Don’t PANIC peoples!

  • B

    Thanks for putting this up. I was going to get there way too early to see Def Leppard. The other acts can be in the parking lot for all I care.

  • l8rdood

    This can’t be right……why in the world would they do this? This will be my last time if this is correct!

  • San Clemente local

    Wow…We are pissed off too. We paid a lot of money for Orchestra seats and now we have to stand in a crowd for half the show? This will be my last show too unless they change it back next year.

  • Doreen lockwood

    I agree with all comments in regards to stage set up this is complete crap why should we paid good money to see a complete line up not two bands and stand in the grass to see the rest. After trying to get some resolution I got no where big corporation screwing hard working people again. Better business bureau here I come rip my family off I will make a huge stink.

  • Pissed

    Jack you suck tricked us all into buying seats and were on the lawn here with everyone at the side stage last show for me unless you correct it

    Make it right give us a refund or pay for the next show

    False advertising

  • wtf

    Soooo glad i bought orchestra seats, only to fight my 3000 best friends for a patch of grass. WTF … Not again.

  • mark

    What’s up with the side stage, if I would have know about this I would have not purchased tickets this year….. not cool.

  • Derek Barkey

    I agree with the other comments. This will be my last Jack show. I paid good money for a seat that I can’t even sit in until the show is half over. On top of that, they won’t allow anyone to bring in food or drink. It’s a monument to greed and stupidity.

  • Kathie Jo

    This side stage thing was the most stupidest thing ever thought of. We sat around and did nothing for 4 hours. Plus the crew didn’t have it together and didn’t open the gates until after 3:00 !! I didn’t see a single side stage band. If this how you do it next year you can count me out. WTF!!!!

  • Karsty

    Recovering from Jacks Sixth Show today….had to drink a lot to appease my frustration with the side stage.Why did Jack FM wait until the day before the concert to let us know that 6 bands would be playing on a side stage that were 5 steps away from the bathrooms? I would have never paid for Orchestra seats if I knew most the bands would be playing basically in the parking lot. We got notice of this on Friday afternoon (a day before the show). This was my fourth Jack show and most likely my last. I realize ticket sales were not great but this is no way to treat your loyal fans.

    Pissed Off in OC

  • Dave M.

    It sounds like the vast majority had the same opinion as I did. I bought seats for a concert, but yet was not allowed to proceed to my seats until the last two acts appeared. I was told that this setup was demanded by Def Lepard. If that’s the case then F those guys. You might as well have called this “Jack’s LAST show”!

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