Pre-Show Countdown: Jack’s Sixth Show Is Off To A Great Start!

SNAFU? More like YAHOO!

On your way to Jack’s Sixth Show? Sweet! We’ve always wanted a carpool buddy and you seem like great road trip company.

The day-before preparations are underway and we couldn’t be more excited. Fires, flat tires and rogue wires are just the right way to start our big weekend.

Our Bustache got a flat tire on the way to Irvine, CA. Not a problem, because Dr. Cranfill has been training for this moment all his life! We didn’t know he could dead-lift a bus-full of Sticker Pimps. Now we do.

Meanwhile, out at the beautiful Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, things got a little heated backstage. Our trailer blew up in flames! Woah there, hot stuff coming through!

Not to worry, though. We had plenty of beer to put the fire out. And lucky for us, Tami Heide always brings a bag of marshmallows with her. Well, marshmallow fluff, but it all smells the same.

But that’s not all! As we were unloading some of our tents from the truck, the sprinkler system erupted in a glorious display of waterworkssinking our truck inches deep in the ground.

Which means there are gonna be some great, new elevated seats at the venue! Right smack in the middle of the lawn.

Needless to say, we’ve started drinking.

  • Evelyn Evie Dolores Anderson

    Uhm, can I sleep n the bustache tonight/.

  • Diane Thom

    We are already getting our alcohol including jello shots all ready and of course the bomb ass food can’t wait arriving around noon

  • shawn

    just checking is this a rain or shine event?????

  • Partyface

    lightning in an open field? Reschedule for saftey please!!

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