The Best FALL Fail Videos Of All Time

Fall isn’t a season.

It’s what you did when we tied your shoelaces together.

Check out the latest videos of ladies flailing, men falling, and even a slipping Santa or two. After all, the bigger they are the harder they autumn… or something like that.

No wait, we got it, we got it!

Have a nice TRIP. See you next AUTUMN!

Crap. That doesn’t sound right either.

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Model Falls, News Anchors Lose it

Hahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAhahaha. Hahahahha! HAahahahahahaha. Bwahhahhahaha. Hahanowaitwaitwe got it.. we haha. HAHAhahahahahahaha. She fell.

It’s Called Risky Business for a Reason

I like that old-time slip on the floor and roll.

Drunk Santa FAIL

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