[Sticker Pimpin’] The Creepiest Scenes In Movies According to Rich $

So with Halloween mere weeks away, Sticker Pimp Rich $ took the time to review some scenes from movies that make his skin crawl. Obviously we all have different triggers for what makes something inside of us go WHAT! ….. and here are his.

10:  Candyman

When Helen Lyle played by Virginia Madsen summons the Candyman for some reason it always freaked me out. Maybe it’s my lack of a sweet tooth, but I don’t want the Candyman anywhere near me.

9: Blair Witch Project

Try growing up in a small town where everything looks like this and watch The Blair Witch Project before going to sleep, bad idea.

8: Stephen King’s It

I don’t like clowns, and after seeing It, I REALLY don’t like clowns.

Is your skin crawling yet?

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