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[Studying What We Want] Five Unlikely Celebrities With Masters Degrees

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Photo Credit: Jack FM

Photo Credit: Jack FM

Not everybody respects education. It can be hard to get some respect, sometimes, especially when you’re getting by on a crappy job and paying for your degree. Yours truly can represent: we spent five years working temp jobs to pay for our Master’s Degree in No Requests.

But here are five slightly more inspiring, and much odder examples.

5: Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy, aka “The Hedgehog“, is most famous for… well… being a porn star despite looking like… well… a hedgehog. It’s a little surprising how common higher education is in a profession not exactly known for its… ah… intellectual pursuits. We blame student loans.

No, seriously: many porn stars got into it to pay off their loans.

Jeremy takes the cake, though; not only does he have a Bachelor’s in Education, he holds a Master’s in Special Education. In fact, Jeremy was for a time a fully licensed and working professional teacher, handling children with special educational needs.

Odd factoid or depressing story about how this country values education? YOU DECIDE!

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