[Studying What We Want] Five Unlikely Celebrities With Masters Degrees

4: Rowan Atkinson

rowan atkinson [Studying What We Want] Five Unlikely Celebrities With Masters Degrees

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Known to many across the world as the loveable Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson has had a long career as a comedian and actor…and he also has a long career of destroying very expensive exotic cars, much to the dismay of fans around the world.

Maybe it has something to do with his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.

That’s right- a man who has made a fortune playing a dopey, simple man who still sleeps with a teddy bear can actually explain in great detail to you how a computer works.

Of course, this is just one note in the long British tradition of intellectuals paying the bills with pratfalls: “Monty Python” featured a doctor (Graham Chapman), a lawyer (John Cleese), and two respected historians (Terry Jones and Michael Palin)… and those are just the degrees they held.

In short, the guy taking a plank to the head in the movies? He probably is doing it because otherwise Sallie Mae is coming a-knocking for those overdue loan payments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evilevie Evelyn Evie Dolores Anderson

    I said it before, I will say it again! RON JEREMY IS THE BOMB! DONT MESS WITH MY PORN and ALL SHALL BE GOOD.. If he is a Jack FM Listener, my day just got a lil brighter!

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