[Studying What We Want] Five Unlikely Celebrities With Masters Degrees

2: David Duchovny

david duchovny [Studying What We Want] Five Unlikely Celebrities With Masters Degrees

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Duchovny, of course, is currently playing a debauched, washed-up writer on Showtime’s “Californication“. Which is a little odd to see, because that was his original career path.

Well, maybe without the debauchery (and the occasional “X-Files” reference), more or less. Duchovny has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Yale University. In fact, before his acting career took off, he was working towards his Doctorate; fittingly, the thesis he abandoned was “Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose.”

Then he threw it over to play a hand model. Well, we guess it worked out for him.

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