[JACKed Up News] Family Trapped In Corn Maze, Calls 911 For Help

Halloween festivities should always provide a scare, otherwise, why would one celebrate All Hallow’s Eve? Don’t know about you, but that’s why we love Halloween. We also love Halloween because it’s a time when a family of four (including a 3-week old) can find themselves lost in a Massachusetts corn maze and decide to take it upon themselves to call 911.

We feel that corn mazes are a guaranteed good time if you enjoy the thrill of fright. If not, refraining from entering the labyrinth of corn crops at night seems like the obvious answer. Apparently not for this Massachusetts family.

Who brings a 3-week old infant into a corn maze?

The Conners Farm maze in Danvers, Massachusetts is 7 miles long and could take around an hour to complete. Corn mazes have served a role in spooky flicks such as Children of the Corn, The Maize, and other clearly unrealistic horror situations. Corn fields were creepier than ever in Signs as extra terrestrials submerged from their intertwined walls.

If only the Jack crew were in Massachusetts, we could stir up some Halloween shenanigans in that corn maze! We even have the universal emblem and product of Halloween named after us, hence the name “Jack-O-Lantern“.

jack o lantern 2 [JACKed Up News] Family Trapped In Corn Maze, Calls 911 For Help

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Although our society has made a joke out of calling 911 to remove the kitten from the tree or help the old lady cross the street, never did we expect this to be added to that list!

That’s just what that family did. As reported by the Associated Press, they were only a mere 25 feet from the exit.

1304480 [JACKed Up News] Family Trapped In Corn Maze, Calls 911 For Help

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Aside from the assurance that the family could hear cars from the street and view street lights, the maze is equipped with clues and numbers to text for guidance. Sounds like a case of laziness and lack of true Halloween spirit! The family was eventually “rescued” by a police officer, his canine companion and farm owner Bob Connors.

[Source: AP]


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