7 Hot Older Ladies Part Deux

Since Jack FM did not actually get to Part Deux of 7 Hot Older Ladies last week, as promised, here it is THIS week– sorry, must have slipped our minds…

This is Jack FM’s tasty pick of seven sun-ripened, juicy plums over the age of at least 55 who we still think have some juice left in them. Except there’s a special little twist this week. See if you can catch it….

7. Joan Rivers

Making it in on the back-end of this list is Joan Rivers. Mmm, this saucy lass has the enchantment to make even a zombie stop and stare….

6. Barbara Bush

Oh Granny Babs, how PROUD you must feel having a husband AND a son who were BOTH presidents of the United States! We’re just glad we know who to thank for little Georgie’s GREAT leadership skills!

5. Donatella Versace

Yes, Donatella Versace comes in as fifth. Those luscious lips; that strong facial structure; that mesmerizing glare– they really do it for us… after six or seven or eight or nine shots of tequila and a LONG day in the cubicle.


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