Dead Sticker Pimps Tell No Tales

[photogallerylink id=50700 align=right]Luckily, I lived to tell you all how I survived the Sinister Pointe Maze in Brea! Not that anyone’s surprised… I AM the Sticker Pimp who beats people up until they’re my friends. But folks, I cannot tell a lie. Sinister Pointe scared me. They scared me real good.

Not even the parking lot is safe, as monsters and deranged hillbillies approach people before they even get out of their cars! I was pretty convinced that there was no way I could go into the maze.

However, with a little (Ok, maybe little is an understatement) encouragement from some new friends, I walked bravely through the front door (Or maybe I was pushed and carried in, I can’t quite remember).

The next 15 minutes is a bit of a blur, but I definitely cried and hyperventilated… Just kidding, I punched a zombie in the mouth and round-house kicked a guy with a chainsaw!

And there’s still time to meet the Sticker Pimps at these attractions:


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