EXCLUSIVE: California Surfer Nearly Swallowed Whole By Whale, Pinocchio Says So What [VIDEO]

Takes guts to surf in Santa Cruz.

Watch as a girl paddles along on her surfboard, completely unaware of the GIANT SEA CREATURE LURKING 10 FEET BELOW HER, WAITING, WAITING TO FEED ON THE

It seemed like a nice enough day for this young woman and her friends as they played in the waters near the coast of Santa Cruz, California. Barb Roettger sat nearby, recording the serene and steady waves the ocean produced.

Then two freakin’ humpback whales burst out of the water and feasted on anchovies and plankton.

The pod of humpbacks have been lurking nearby for quite some time, and this isn’t their first dangerously close encounter with unsuspecting humans. If you’re like these thrill-seeking ladies, heed the warnings and stay at least 100 yards away from the feeding area.

Or don’t. After all, if a wooden boy could survive in the belly of a whale, we’re sure you can too.

[Source: YouTube]


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