A JACK-load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

On this day 11/11/11 we present to you a JACK-load of superstitions to get your mind twisted for this historical day. Of course you’ve heard that you’ll receive bad luck when walking under a ladder or when a black cat crosses the street, but those are just some pu**y sh*t…no pun intended. Here are some urban legends to add some thrill to your 11/11/11.

Bad Luck Comes In Threes…

132011317 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

Jo Hale / Getty Images

IT is said that good things come in three’s, and in Chinese civilization, items are presented in three’s for good luck. But there’s gotta be a catch. Here are some superstitions in Western culture that make the number three not so appealing after all:

Lighting three cigarettes at the same time is bad luck.  Seeing three seagulls flying together means death will soon occur. If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will die first…oh crap…I’m the middle child…always in the middle for pictures…


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