Twilight: Breaking Dawn Ain’t Yo Thang? Here Are Some Vampire Movies You Should Watch Instead

Spoiler Alert: Dr. Cranfill kills Bella in the new Twilight movie.

Sure, you could spend the remainder of the week camping in a tent outside of Hollywood Boulevard, waiting for a glimpse of your favorite shimmery bloodsucker… or you could toast some popcorn, grab a blanket, and watch these awesome vampire movies instead.

10. Blacula (1972)

Smack in the middle of the curious movie movement known as blaxsploitation, Blacula follows the tale of Mamuwalde, an 18th century African prince turned vampire, who wakes up 200 years later and terrorizes Los Angeles. 

9. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

In this fish-out-of-water comedy/horror/action film, bubbly valley girl Buffy finds learns her fate is to save the human race for the oncoming vampire invasion. Looks like cheerleadin’ practice will have to wait!

8. The Lost Boys (1987)

Hey look – another Sutherland boy! When two brother from Arizona move to a lively California town, they’re shocked to find their community is run by a gang of vampires. Will they succumb to the blood lust or fight for their lives?

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