Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments

bill clinton thanksgiving Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments


Introducing the New Girlfriend?

Tune in:

The Wizard of Oz

This Thanksgiving, follow the yellow brick road back down memory lane. Nothing makes introducing the new girlfriend to all the relatives easier… Your great-great grandma (the one who makes the amazing stuffing) didn’t have a wrinkle to her name when this classic came out back in 1939. This magical musical is usually played every year on Thanksgiving whether its cable or DirecTV.

And it’s a quick reminder that, “There’s no place like home.” Aww.

War Stories Grandpa?

Tune in:

Thanksgiving day Football

Just can’t come up with anything in common to Grandpa’s Vietnam stories…? Don’t worry! Who needs conversation when you can flip on one of the three NFL football games being played this year.

Thanksgiving day games go back to 1920 making it equally enjoyable for the 100-year-old grandparents who were around when a football just consisted of pig skin. So while your digging in to your turkey and potatoes don’t forget to have that Dallas Star Football game blasting in the background to ward off any “I‘m thankful for” talk.

We’re thankful for the brand new sound system we just bought so we can hear the game from the dining table.

Thursday’s games

Green Bay @ Detroit 9:30 AM (when everyone arrives)
Miami @ Dallas 1:15 PM (when everyone sits down to eat)
San Francisco @ Baltimore 5:20 PM (when you kick everyone out)

Non-family Family Member

  • Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments

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