Polaroid Enters The Digital Age With This Futuristic Instant Camera

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Digital Polaroid

Polaroid hasn’t manufactured their fantastic instant Polaroid film for quite a while. That’s too bad, for Polaroid instants were a medium of photography that indulged millions. Before Photoshop, before iPhones, before Ashton Kutcher, you’d have a little memory develop in your hand.

Just don’t shake it.

Well, we suppose it’s all right to shake it now (just don’t tell Outkast)  After all, that ZINK print won’t fade. That 14-megapixel, 2.7-inch LCD screen can shell out 25 3×4-inch instant prints on a single charge! Or, if you don’t like carrying around a photo gallery, you can simply store the image on the on-board SD card.

3×4-inch ZINK paper is available at a price of 30 sheets for $20. That’s just about $0.67 a photo. Not bad!

[Source: PetaPixel]

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