Caption This! Contest: A Toilet That’s Also A Motorbike

Who doesn’t want a free JACK-FM T-shirt? And now, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your desk/sofa/deep-sea diving bell…..

Write a funny, clever, weird, border-line offensive caption for the picture below in the comments section of this post and the best one, now thru this Friday, January 6th wins a FREE JACK FM T-SHIRT AND A PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE SUPERCROSS EVENT! How awesome is that?

Here’s your picture to caption, good luck….

This contest is now over. Stay tuned for the winner….

toilet cycle large Caption This! Contest: A Toilet Thats Also A Motorbike

BEN STANSALL / AFP / Getty Images

“Because rest-stop bathrooms are gross and I’m on a schedule, dammit.”

This week’s winner – Jessica!

  • http://N/A Ken J

    A toilet thats a motorbike ,It gives a whole new meaning of going on the road .

  • Alex Larsen

    Just you CAN built something using everything including the kitchen sink, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  • leanne

    hold on momma i am coming home for Ukrainian Christmas!!!! =)

  • Alex Roberge

    FOR RENT…. 1/2 bath, great views, plenty of fresh air, very scenic, just $ 93.1 per month….. Dumpy little building in downtown Culver City, not included.

  • http://stanton sarah

    On my way to the dumpy little building for my first day of work as Jack FM’s CEO.

  • jesska

    Because rest-stop bathrooms are gross and I’m on a schedule, dammit.

    • jesska

      you never sent my Supercross tickets. :/

  • Claudia

    Jeeves, I said DRAW my bath.

  • Sabrina partida

    Clean on the go! He could’ve just brought hand sanitizer tho.

  • joe de santos

    Hi Im Barry from Storage Wars and Im Ridin dirty!

  • eric schwarzman

    Watch out when i flush!!!

  • http://93.1jack kristine n

    while your driving around in a bathroom on wheels stop by my house and pick up my laundrey I could use the help and bring it back fluffed and folded so I can go to the supercross event chop chop

  • Cody

    When you’re a granny nanny you’re always on the go.

  • Mark

    It’s a bitch being the Sons of Anarchy maid.

  • Robyn

    And its porta potty coming into the turn leading by a load

  • Phyllis Allen

    No matter where I am, I can poop and listen to JACK FM

  • Aaron Hauck

    Dressing like Hugh Hefner doesn’t mean living like Hugh Hefner.

  • Steve

    BREAKING NEWS..Richard Lewis look-a-like hijacks old ladys mobile home

  • Mark

    T.P. Rider

  • Mark

    Puts a whole new spin on an engine flush.

  • marilyn

    im wash about.



  • http:/// Jenny Dunehew

    Mobile Dry Cleaning Service- you stain it , we wash it in your front yard.

  • Evelyn Evie Dolores Anderson

    SSS n Drive all at the same time. Do you get a free bowl of soup with them goggles?

  • Dale

    Being ready when that moment presents itself.

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